Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Tim!

Birthday Boy~
Originally uploaded by kbshee.
Today is the birthday of the love of my life...happy birthday sweetie!

I am very very fortunate to be married to this terrific man, who makes my life better in so many ways. Such as:

-he puts up with my quirks
-he encourages me to step out of my safety zone and try new things (I would have never repelled or gone in a helicopter without him)
-he is a wonderful father to all of our animals
-he supports me in everything I do
-he never complains about the amount of yarn in the house, only about the questionable storage practices of said yarn
-he is equally gifted on both sides of the brain
-he gets up to let the dogs out and turns up the heat on cold winter mornings while I stay in bed
-he is fun to laugh with
-he makes me a better person.

Boy, for a post that is supposed to be about Tim, it's all kind of about me, isn't it? Anyway...happy birthday again Tim. And many many many more! I love you!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful guy! Happy birthday!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Tim! Kim, you both make a lovely couple. Even your names go together (:Kim & Tim:)

Anonymous said...

That's a good photo!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture and tribute to your husband.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Tim!

I happen to know that he also went to hear Yarn Harlot with you, so that is another thing you can add to your lovely list.

Sheila E said...

AHHHHH!!! Lovely sentiment....lovely picture....lovely husband!! Happy Birthday Tim...thanks for making our friend Kim HAPPY!!