Saturday, November 11, 2006

In Which I Contort so You Can See as Much Rogue as Possible

rogue 2
Originally uploaded by kbshee.
It's not easy, photographing the Rogue. The cables are all on the sides, which are not naturally the picture gets taken. So here I am looking like a dufus in the picture. I'm CONCENTRATING!

And the sweater is not as unflattering as it looks here, it's the body contortions that are making it look a little, um, odd.

I finished a great book: Running for the Hills by Horatio Claire. About a boy growing up on a sheep farm in Wales in the 1970s. Sheep do not have easy lives, which makes me honor the Fisherman's Wool of my Rogue even more.


Anonymous said...

Your Rogue looks great! I like how you always look pissed when you take your own pics! hee hee! It's hard to take a picture of yourself, I know!

Anonymous said...

I like the pic of the whole thing! It's beautiful. Such great cables.

Carol said...

Wow! You did a fabulous job on Rogue! Looks great and it fits just right!

Anonymous said...

So pretty. Rogue looks great on you, despite the contortions.

Anonymous said...

Yours looks great too! Looks like a perfect fit.

Sharon said...

Kudos to you for finishing the Rogue! It is lovely, and fits you beautifully.