Thursday, November 16, 2006

Join me at the Fair Isle

front of #21
Originally uploaded by kbshee.
I'm not a big Fair Isle fact, before I undertook this sweater, i had only knit one other fair isle thing, a felted needle quiver from Cat Bordhi'a website. Sometimes it's just a bit too too for me.

But I became fascinated by the sweater in the new VK, known simply as #21. It has one fair isle sleeve and one plain sleeve, and a little bit of fair isle on the bodice. So I figured I would give the bodice fair isle a try and see how it went, and if it went OK I'd do the whole kit 'n' kaboodle.

And I think it went OK. I'm using a totally different yarn, in totally different colors, wtih a totally different gauge. So there's a bit of, oh what should we call it, improvision in the pattern. But I think it's going pretty well. I'm going to try the sleeve, if it doesn't work I can always do a solid color sleeve.

The colors look good (imho). Stay tuned!


Carol said...

Holy cow Kim! That's one of my fave's in that book! What a totally different look (and awesomely good) from their's. I wanted that one for a holiday sweater, but that's reaching way too far for me. Go Kim go!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks grand!

Anonymous said...

Great colors, Kim! Fair Isle has always been "too too" for me as well, but that pattern is a lovely take on the whole idea. Can't wait to see more.