Sunday, November 19, 2006

Marble Arches

marble arches
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I finished the Marble Arches...the last of this year's STR sock club yarns and patterns, I love the colors. I altered the pattern quite a bit because for some reason anything more than 50 stitches on a sock is wayyy to big for me...and I'm not a Small Person. I think I'm just a very, very loose knitter. So I did these socks with 48 stitches and that really wasn't enough to do the fancy schmancy heel that was in the pattern. So I just did the regular I-can-do-it-in-my-sleep heel and a stockinette foot with a star toe. Anyway...they look good. And I love me the STR.

It's our first not-busy weekend in quite a while, and we've been enjoying the peace and quiet. We watched "The Davinci Code" last night and it's like reading the book all over again. I like the book and liked the movie but that's about all to be said for it. I worked on the Fair Isle sleeve for the second half of the Duck's game (sad, sad game) and more fair isle sleeve is on the agenda for today.

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Carol said...

They look terrific all knitted up! really nice color! Nice to get some quiet time once in a while :)