Monday, November 27, 2006

My Kingdom for a Sleeve Setter Inner

Guess what I've been spending most of the weekend doing?

Well, not most of it, just much of it. I feel good about shoulder seams, I am good with the mattress stitch, and I have a pretty intense mental block regarding set in seams.

I have my blessed Nancie Wiseman book by my side, and I'm trying to be very, very calm about it, and I'm walking away when it gets frustrating. I want this to be perfect. So any hints on setting in sleeves are greatly appreciated.


Marlene said...

If you don't mind picking up stitches you can pick up and equal number on both the sleeve and the body and then use a 3 needle bind off.

Alyssa said...

Lots and lots of safety pins. Pin each edge and the center, then pin the center of the sections that creates, and so on. It's the only way I ever could get it to look good.

I will send good sleeve-setting-in vibes your way!