Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No Knitting Content Today

It's all about my contact lenses.

OK. So I've worn them since I was 14 (and you guys who read the blog closely can figure out how long I've worn them). So I have a new eye doctor (who I really, really like) who tells me about these new contact lenses called synergeyes or something like that. I have a wicked astigmatism, and these lenses provide the clarity of vision of gas perms (which I have now) with the comfort of soft lenses (which I had for the first, oh, 20 years of lens wearing). She warned me they could be a little tricky to fit. Here is the saga:

1. Go in and have a test set put in my eyes. These contacts are, literally, an inch and a half in diameter. They are BIG. BIG BIG BIG. I'm guessing many people could not handle the insertion and removal. BUt me, piece of cake. Pair of contacts is ordered.

2. Wait a week.

3. Set #1 arrives. I pick them up, put them in. Seem OK. On the way home, I realize that my right eye distance vision isn't nearly as clear as my left eye.

4. Three days later (weekend), I return to eye doctor, order a replacement.

5. Wait a week

6.. Replacement arrives. I pick it up, put it in. Seems OK. When I get home, i realize that while the right eye's distance vision is great, I can't see anything in the area that's about 3-8 feet in front of my face. Do you know how much of your life is 3-8 feet in front of your face? Hence the problem.

7. Call this morning. Much consternation on everyone's part. I go back in at 5:15 tonight to see if we can figure out what's wrong. In meantime, I'm either wearing my uncomfortable gas perms or my dizzy-making glasses. So that is why no knitting content.

More soon.


Alyssa said...

That's no fun. I wear contacts and always have a terrible time finding good ones. I'm near-sighted in one eye, far in the other, plus and astigmatism. Wheeee! :)

I hope you find a solution soon because I want to see the finished sweater.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. This is why I stick with glasses. My eyes are awful and when I have contacts I have to wear reading glasses.......but my vanity is strong so I have contacts which I wear every once in a while.

But I am also lazy. See the vicious cycle? Instead I have like 5 pairs of glasses of varying colors.

Carol said...

Good luck with the lenses. I have the same thing except I also wear progressive lenses. I'm told they don't make contacts for "me" yet. :( Just as well, I'm not the kind of person who should be sticking anything in her eye;)

Marlene said...

I've been wearing contacts since I was 12 and I'm 46 now. I spent all last year cursing my contacts because they were not right despite numerous changes of prescription. I am at that age where I now could use progressive lenses but I haven't been able to get a pair to "work" for me.

I changed to another optomotrist and after a couple different lens switches ended up with one eye for "distance" and the other eye for "close-up". Somehow my brain sorts it all out and whichever distance I need, the correct eye takes over. The only time I really think about it now is when I'm taking a sip of coffee and the mug obscures the path of the "distance" eye and everything further out is blurry. Compared to all the hassels of last year, this combination is a dream.

Anonymous said...

good luck. my eyes have become too dry to wear contacts and i'm stuck in glasses. now i have bifocals (progressives actually) :( i had contacts for 10 years. they were wonderful happy years.