Sunday, November 05, 2006


central aires
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1. First, thanks to everyone who posted such supportive comments. I try not to whine too much on this blog...I am truly bothered by people who post things like 'why don't people like me' just in order to get a bunch of people saying 'we love you!'. You know what I mean. But I'm glad I posted and it is great to know that I"m not alone out there! As you know, changing things up is a long term I'll let you know as I decide some things. Thanks again.

2. Central Aires. They're done. Alyssa's suggestion to cast on for the NEW STR sock got me to finish these up! So I'll do that today. I love how these look, and guess what, they're lace. So there, fie on you lace knitting!

3. No phone. Our phone (landline) went dead on Friday. Qwest came to check it out Saturday. Our new neighbors across the street had just finished landscaping and buried the phone book with mulch. Once it was unearthed, it was discovered that said landscaping also resulted in a huge boulder being moved in front of the access point. So, we still have no phone as we await the landscapers to return to move the boulder.

christmas mitts
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4. Felted my MIL's Christmas gift: oven mitt and pot holder. the blue part is actually more greenish blue than it looks here. I hope. As it is for Christmas.

5. We went to see the musical "Bat Boy" last night with Steve and Jen. Believe it or not, this is the second time I've seen Bat Boy. Steve and Tim are big fans of the whole Bat Boy genre. Once was plenty for me, but it was fun to be out on a Saturday night with friends.

6. Rogue. I'm on row 64 of the hood. 15 rows to go. Then look out, it's time to Kitchener!


Carol said...

You have alot going on there! Nice socks! Nice MIL gift too! i'm so bad this year, not making gifts but I'm trying to get good at knitting ya know? Can't wait to start on some socks of my own. I know it' sweird to live in FL & crave wool so much, but oh well-have to answer the call!

Carol said...

Thanks for the nice comment, just experimenting. I have to try the Kool Aid thing too, the colors are so vibrant & I could use the experience. Happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

Bat Boy was great! It was fun being out... at night! And fun to see you guys, of course! Such a novel concept for us. Evan turns 17 months tomorrow. Coincidentally, that is about 17 1/2 months since we last went out. (Ok, that is most definitely an exaggeration, but you get the point.)

Also, I think there's a typo in your post. You said they buried the "phone book with mulch"... which is pretty funny. Maybe it was a joke? Anyway, it made me laugh... and think that if that's all it took to stop the political surveys and telemarketing, I'd have done it ages ago!