Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Balance Sheet

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1. The Paella. It was quite delicious if I do say so myself. I'm really not that good of a cook...I have about half a dozen dishes that I rock but beyond that I'm pretty mediocre. But the paella recipe I used and the ingredients we had resulted in a wonderful dish.

2. Finishing the sleeve for the fair isle sweater. It turned out pretty well, but setting it in will be the proof of the pudding. The other sleeve is plain, and it is about 1/4 of the way done.


1. The Pie. I blithely chatted up the produce guy to figure out what type of apple I should purchase for an apple pie. He pointed me to an organic fuji. When I asked him if he thought four was enough, he admitted he didn't know but said if we making a pie he'd use 4.

And guess what. Most pie recipes call for 8. SO we had what can best be described as an apple flat thing. It was good, just (as Tim puts in) "fillingly challenged". Oh well. That's what vanilla bean ice cream is for.

2. The weather. Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain.

And how was yours?


Carol said...

Apple tart! You made an apple tart ;)
I was just eyeing that pattern an hour ago & thinking of you. Wow! The sleve is looking awesome! one thing you can say about ALL of your knitting, you rock! Have a great weekend!

Life's a Stitch said...

We do Cdn TDay and freeze some to pull out on US T-Day. So, tonight I ate leftover leftovers. When I don't have enough apples for pie, I make baked apples and vanilla sauce mmmmm....

Anonymous said...

That sleeve is stunning ... What a work of art!

julia fc said...

Wow, Kim. I bet it sews in just fine. It's really beautiful. Reminds me of a Monarch wing, y'know. If it were orange. Nice work. If you want something bad enough, even colourwork won't stand in a knitter's way.

Sheila E said...

Been away for a while...glad to be catching up on what you have been doing. I love the work that you have done on the fair isle project. The sleeve is awesome. Can't wait to see the finished product.
It's snowing in Drain...and it's COLD!!
Thank goodness for the wood stove!