Tuesday, December 19, 2006

2006 xmas socks

2006 xmas socks
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I'm thinking that I"ll make myself a special pair of socks every year for Christmas...something sort of special and holiday-ish that will always remind me of Christmas. So these are the first ones...knit in Cherry Tree HIll Glitz in Cherry Red. The leg is a purl rib that I screwed up (instead on k2 p2 on the first row and k on the second, I did k1 p1 and it isn't very ribby or stretchy. But it looks good). They sparkle.

The other knitting, well, I would love to show you but it consists of black sleeves for a black sweater and the charcoal back of a sweater that I'm making up as I go along (and just cover your ears if those warning bells are a bit too loud for you) so honestly, nothing visually interesting at this point. And my monkey socks but those are pretty much where they were the last time you saw them.


Ling said...

Lovely idea to make something for yourself especially at a time when you probably neglect yourself. Lovely socks too - very festive!

Carol said...

What a nice idea and a beautiful pair of socks! Happy Holidays!