Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fair Isle Sweater: still too big

I wove.
I blocked.
I tried on.

The Fair Isle Sweater is still too big in the top. It's a little closer, but still too big. IE it falls off the top of me.

The only thing I can think about doing is washing it and then drying it to shrink it up a bit.

Thoughts? I really need help with this one!
I decided to wash the sweater again and then run it through the dryer on low. So I went to get it from the guest bath where it has been air drying since the last attempt at blocking. And guess what?

One of the cats peed on it.

So now smelly sweater is being washed and we'll see what happens. Cats. Luckily they're adorable.


Alyssa said...

I'd try washing and drying it - good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'd say let it go, it wasn't meant to be.