Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Tim's surprise!
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We had a lovely Christmas even with Evan and Jen and Steve ; Evan was (and is) a charmer and it was really special sharing Christmas eve with him. He enjoyed the menu: the pear salad, the tenderloin, the roasted root vegetables, the bread, but he particularly enjoyed Fritos and Christmas cookies. He got along famously with all the animals, including the notoriously shy Louise the rabbit. He really made Christmas eve special.

As faithful readers of my blog know, I was working on a surprise gift for Tim and here it is: his hot water bottle cozy. He was very surprised (thus I guess it worked) and likes it a lot! I made it with yarns from handpaintedyarns.com that have been in the stash forever.

knitting gifts
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Apparently I was a good girl this year because I received numerous lovely gifts (more on what Tim gave me later this week...he is so talented!) but I did want to share three knitting gifts. Steve, Jen and Evan gave me the Knitting Pattern a day calendar...have you guys seen that? It is, truly, a knitting pattern a day. I love it. Ii'm so excited to paw through it! Tim gave me the book "In Sheep's clothing" about different types of wool for spinners. And my SIL and BIL gave me the cow tape measure that you see in the Tiffany's box! Tim and his sister have a tradition where they give each other cow themed gifts for Christmas. It worked to my advantage this year.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you enjoy the final days of 2006. Do you have resolutions, knitting or otherwise?


Marlene said...

Although not a "New Year's" resolution, in fact, not a new resolution at all, but the continuation of one at least a month old:

I will get my Master Knitter's Level One samples knit before I allow myself to start any new projects --- and I have the supplies for some exciting new projects on the way so it will be a hard resolution to keep!

Carol said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Love the water bottle cozy! Don't just love that calensar? I was lucky enough to get one too! (OK, I bought it for myself);) Resolution? Yes! Knitting from stash and getting more adventurous with it! Enjoy!