Sunday, December 31, 2006

New (Knitting) Year Resolutions!

Yep, that time of year again. I've been thinking about my NKYR and have tried to think about them more 'globally' (as opposed to: 'figure out what to do with the fair isle sleeve sweater' and 'finish the damn aran afghan'. So here are they are:

1. Knit from Stash. I've talked about this before on my blog, and I'm a strong believer in stash knitting. I want to do more felting...and there's a lot of good felting wool in my stash right now. I love starting new I want to do more smaller projects, that start and end quickly. Interestingly enough, many such products are felting projects. In addition, I have a lot of 'one skeins' that will result in small projects. And what will those small projects be? Well, that leads us to resolution number 2.

2. Do some designing. Now that I've been knitting for a while (Super Bowl Sunday is my three year anniversary) I have a very good idea of what I'd like to make and a relatively good idea of how to make such things. Plus, I have a lot of single skeins that I'd like to work up into something I like. So, I'm going to be working on some designs for my stash. I've already started on this...I'm currently working on a sweater called the "Cotton-Easy" sweater because it's easy and it's made out of cotton-ease. But you probably figured that out. I also have charted out a scarf pattern for the one skein of Sea Silk in the stash. And then there's the round felted box that I want to make. I'll be sharing these on my blog if they're successful.

3. Do some charity knitting. I could probably knit kitty pi beds til the cows come home. I want to do more charity knitting because in all honestly I'm not that good of a citizen...I don't do any volunteer work other than donating blood every few months (and you know how well that goes). So charity knitting seems a good way to give back.

So there you go, my New Knitting Year Resolutions (NKYRs). Notice nothing about learning to love lace knitting. But also keep in mind there's a lot of laceweight in that stash. And I just got "Victorian Lace Knitting Today".

I also have a New Spinning Year resolution; and that's to do more spinning. I haven't spun seriously in a while and I want to get back to it, especially in preparation for the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival and the spinning class I'll be taking.

SO there are mine! How about yours?


Carol said...

Sounds like a great and realistic list! Mine is just knitting from stash, and at least a sweater! I don't do much volunteer work either, but knitting for charity has more than fulfilled that niche. I pages through the Victorian Lace book and man!, it's definitely on the wish list.

Carol said...

OK, a nice Happy New Year to you and yours!!!! Would be nice too huh?

Ling said...

Happy New Year! I'm also trying to knit more from the STASH. Good luck with the designing!

kitkatknit said...

I just noticed the current chocolate in the house status on your blog. Is that new? cause I've been reading you like forever. I'm not a chocolate eater but my hubby is. Santa brought him 15 bars (the giant ones) of Hershey's mixed between Special Dark Chocolate and Symphony Milk Chocolate. That should last another week or so.

rosy said...

Happy New Year - and especially a Happy Knitting Year!!
Here are my resolutions:
1. Sort out my stash
2. Organise my wips
3. Get going on my 'back-log'
4. Knit some goodies for Pipkin (although I have already made a little hat)
5. Knit part of the Peace Hospice Scarf (this is a charity knit!)
Thank you for giving me a 'nudge' in the right direction
Best wishes