Saturday, December 23, 2006

Not a Creature was Stirring...

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Merry Christmas a few days early! One of our holiday traditions (oh heck, really one of the only ones, we're a bit fluid here tradition-wise) is to put ribbons on all of our pets (rabbit and bird excepted. I think we tried one year to put a ribbon on Louise and it lasted about four seconds).

When I was a little girl, my beloved Uncle Joe told me that animals talked at Midnight on Christmas eve. At dinner on Christmas day, he would tell me everything that his dog (always named Muffin, there were three of them over the years) told him and my Aunt Mary Jane. It usually had to do with places Muffin liked scratched and how much he enjoyed his naps. Anyway. Here are our animals with their bows and my guesses on what they would say at midnight.

Cody, our wonderful pup who is spending his 11th Christmas with us, would say "is there anything to eat around here?"

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Shasta, our beautiful old girl, has probably been with us for six or seven seems like she's always been here. Note that she has gathered two bones around her on the pillow. At midnight, she'd say "pet me, don't pet anyone else" and "get away from the bones, red dog."

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Here's Stella, our little seizure kitty. This is a pretty good picture of her, I must say (even with her butt cut off, sorry Stella). Stella would say "can I bite your toes? I'm quite mad." Then she'd go nibble on the branches of the Christmas tree.

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Jessie Cat would say simply: "Get this &^$%# ribbon off me. And don't take my picture. I love you!"

May your Christmas be full of wonder and politely talking animals at midnight.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family (furred and not), Kim!

Just had to put our dear cat Winston to sleep last week. He was 'talking' to me right up until the end. Love your Uncle's idea about the animals talking on Christmas Eve.


Anonymous said...

I think I heard the story of the animals talking when I was a little girls too. Thanks for the great pictures and pet commentary! Have you heard the story of the M on the tabby forehead? It is supposed to be there because a tabby was there at the first Christmas and helped Marry. My kids love that one. I'll have to share the other.

Carol said...

A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours Kim! You could relive your Uncle Joe's story! Get yourself the movie Annabelle's Wish. It's an animated Christmas movie for "kids", but us big kids like it too.

Ling said...

Have a lovely Christmas. I love your story about the talking animals.