Thursday, December 28, 2006

Notice Anything New?

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Well yes, I did do a re-design on the blog, thanks for noticing. I sort of like Blogger gives you a lot more flexibility with the sidebar, which I tend to neglect. And look what else is new! I went to the wonderful Ben Franklin store (can you believe, the only place in Eugene to get Cascade?) the day after Christmas to see if they had any yarn on sale. Well yes, indeed, they did...all yarn was 20% off, and much of it was marked down. I got the 12 skeins shown here for about $70: here is what I got (from the top, going clockwise):

-2 skeins of navy heather Cascade 220
-2 skeins of grey heather Cascade 220
-2 skeins of black tweed Cascade 220
-a skein of Magic Stripes (I think the only Magic stripes I haven't made)
-a skein of Fisherman's wool (love this yarn)
-2 skeins of Brown Sheep lamb's pride in Sapphire
-2 skeins of red Cascade 220

I've been thinking about my Knitting resolutions and while they'll be detailed later, I want to do more felting, so thought I better stock up. Especially since I'm planning to do a lot of knitting from stash in 2007. If you read a lot of blogs, you've probably noticed that Wendy knits and others are spearheading a 'knit from your stash' movement. I've been doing quite a bit of knitting from stash for the past year, and I'll continue this in 2007. Here's the thing, though:

Last year, I donated $1 to Heifer International for every sock I knit. This year, I'm going to donate 50 cents for every ball of yarn from stash that I knit to the same organization. So you'll be able to see the tally over there on the sidebar.

Several people have said that 'knitting from stash' is a death toll for LYSes, but I'm not worried. We knitters love to try new things, and the siren song of a beautiful pattern made with a special yarn (not in the stash) will never go away. I'm not going to NOT buy yarn,but continue to focus on using up what's in my stash to the best of my ability.

But more later. They'll even be (gasp) knitting to show you! I finished the sleeves on the "Cabernet Ribs" sweater (sleeve vortex really sucked me in) and that's ready to assemble (oh joy).


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!!!!! I love it and I hope it brings more attention to this great organization.


Carol said...

How great are you?! That's awesome! i'm doing the Knit form your stash too and I'm really psyched to get some real knitting in this year! That's a nice haul of yarn;) I have til tomorrow to use my gift certificates at my LYS for my "last" purchase. I'd love to get on Blogger Beta, but I belobg to KALs & it doesn't allow you to switch. They're working on that:) What I get for free, I don't complain about. Kim, A Very Healthy and Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It really has been forever since I've read your blog! I've got it set up again on bloglines now. Was nice to see you today. Have a great weekend.