Wednesday, December 13, 2006


one xmas sock
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Or...socks in progress.

The first one is the one I refer to as my christmas's red Cherry Tree Hill with a little bit of gold bling in it. The pattern is my own....the cuff is garter rib (row 1: k1 p1, row 2: knit) and the foot is stockinette. The basic flap heel deal. This makes a thick and cozy sock, and I love it so far.

one monkey
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Next up is my first monkey sock from the new knitty, designed by Cookie (whom I emailed, and who emailed me back, so I'll add that to my collection of Famous Knitters Who I've Emailed With...I think I now have three, including Cookie there's awesome Cat Bordhi and Everyone's Favorite Knit Blogger .

Love this pattern. Love the yarn: STR lightweight in Smoky Topaz (NOT thunderstorm). And you know what? It's technically LACE! Yes, a lace sock I can do, a lace anything else I totally destroy. Why? Why?


Anonymous said...

Oh great, another color of STR I must have! Loving the socks!

Kim in Oregon said...

Lori, FYI I got the yarn from the yarn store in Newport...the one by the aquarium. She appears to be an excellent STR crack dealer.

Warrior Knitter said...

I like all 3 socks (2 from this post & the 1 from the previous post)! Any color of brown usually is down around the last color on my favorites list but that STR Smoky Topaz I could live & even knit with.