Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Another Fuzzy

fuzzy 2
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I finished a second hat for Kate's Boston Children's Hospital thingee, and here 'tis.

Bad news electronically, as my powerbook pulled a Yarn Harlot and is now at the Mac Store seeing if it can be revived. We have a mac mini that I'm using but unfortunately I have to remember all my passwords and such to use stuff. And it hurts the head.

I'm off to Madrona tomorrow for a few days, and I should have a lot of news when I return. And hopefully my little buddy will be back and resuscitated.


Alyssa said...

Sorry to hear about your computer. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip to Blue Moon. I'm so jealous!

My husband is flying to Portland on Sunday to interview with a company out that way so maybe I'll get to live near Socks that Rock too. :)

Alyssa said...

Oh, and I've just discovered that bloglines hadn't told me you've been posting all this last month! I was wondering what you were up to, but apparently it was my fault for relying on that silly program. So, a little late, but I love your Monkey socks! They are terrific.

Kim said...

So lucky to be going to Madrona! Have fun!

Carol said...

Sorry about your PC, hope you fare better than the Harlot did. Have a great time! I envy you on getting to go, but look forward to a report on your time there! Aren't these hats addicting? I keep saying, "after this one, one more." Then I cast on for another <:) Have a great time!