Thursday, January 04, 2007

Faster than the Speed of Light

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Have you made these felted clogs from the Fiber Trends pattern?

Can I tell you how satisfying it is to make these? I probably spent a total of 4 hours MAX on both of these clogs. Of course, that's not including felting time (and weaving in time, if you look closely you'll notice no weaving in has been done) and my friends, I am NOT a fast knitter. But zip zip zip and the felted clogs are done. And it's a fun pattern. Really.

The yarn? The grey yarn is Cascade 220, the blue yarn is Brown Sheep in Sapphire (one of my favorite colors). There's enough left over for a kitty pi bed.

I'll probably felt these (and the box) tomorrow.
There's Cody in the background, being very bored by the whole knitting and photography brouhaha.

Originally uploaded by kbshee.
I like this picture because 1. it's in focus (definitely a rarity for me) 2. both the cat girls are in it 3. I didn't have to use a flash 4. Stella doesn't look particularly crazy and 5. you can sort of see Stella's little face, which often is impossible. We try to limit use of flash photography because of her seizures (oh! the things you have to think about with a little seizure kitty. We also can't play 'chase' with one of those red led pointer thingees, since that can trigger a seizure too).

Do you like the quilt? It was made by me completely by hand in my quilting days. I like moons and stars.


Kim in Oregon said...


Carol said...

Holy cow Kim! You're multi-talented! Really great quilt! I have the pattern for the clogs, but didn't make them yet. Nice to know they're quick, cause I'm not! Love the kitty action :-)

Anonymous said...

Envious of your felted clogs! My pair is now housing field mice in the woods. One clog ended up fitting my little feet and the other was large enough for my husband! Very odd! And wanted to thank you for the excellent Heifer Project idea--I will also be making a donation for each skein of stash yarn I knit this year!

Unknown said...

Hi! I am from Oregon too! I am just learning how to knit, and I am loving it. It is very addicting. I am anxious to get to the point where I can make sweaters, socks and hats.