Saturday, January 06, 2007

It Felt Good!

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Before I get into the IKC (important knitting content), do you read Wendy knits ? I got a mention on her blog because of my 50-cents-a-ball-from-stash donation to Heifer. And L-B came by and left a comment (HI L-B!). Kudos to Wendy and L-B for their support of this awesome organization. Anyway, my head is just a wee bit swelled. But that's just temporary, and as soon as I pick up my Secret Lace Project (see below) it will go down again.

Now for the IKC.

I did a little felting in the trustworthy front loader yesterday, and for once things felted in less than an hour. I think it was using the towel setting. I had planned on having these slippers be for me but they ended up fitting Tim better, and he likes them, so enjoy your slippers sweetie! Note to self: make the smalls next time. Honestly, I have huge feet but it never fails that I end up making the smallest sock or slipper. Odd, that.

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My little Mason-Dixon box turned out pretty well, small but nice. I think we'll make these (with coasters) for Christmas gifts next year. The lid, unfortunately, did not work. I didn't have enough rows for the lid, and the box itself isn't structured enough to support a lid. I want to design a round felted box, and I think I'll need to put a lip on it, sort of like the lip on the slippers I made. That might give it a little more structure and support.

In other knitting news: the cotton-easy sweater is down to the final sleeve, the monkey socks are almost at the heel turn, and I'm designing a Secret Lace Project (SLP)...

....wait for it...

...a lace scarf. Ye Gods! Me and Lace! I've had to start it over four times and finally got the hang of a lifeline (best advice: use a thin, cabled yarn for a lifeline...wire does not work for me nor does thread. I found some weaving yarn that seems to do the trick). I think I'm going to submit it to Knitty and their 'rules' state that you can't show it on your blog.'s lace, it's pretty, and it's made with Sea Silk (beautiful yarn). (from stash).


Stephanie said...

Darn! I love Sea Silk & would love to see the scarf. :( Good luck with Knitty!

Charles said...

You've been tagged! Read my blog for details...

Carol said...

And so she becomes famous! Go Kim, go!