Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pimp my Knitting Bag

my knitting bag
Originally uploaded by kbshee.
I did a big clean of my knitting bag, since (as I wrote the other day) the wips sort of rested gently on top of the bag itself, which was filled with yarn that I wasn't currently using, about 40 dpns of all shapes and sizes, scissorscissorscissors, old patterns, etc. Now it is all straightened out and my tools and notions are in a tin box. I can tote around everything I need for several small projects and not be embarassed by the mess.

To celebrate, I made my Knitting Bag a little knit flower.

Anyway...I'm selling a used set of Denise Interchangeables. Not surprisingly, it is missing three needles: a 5, a 7 and an 8. It comes with 11 cords. 11! $25 or trade in sock yarn. Email me if you're interested.


Katie Cannon said...

I would love the needles. Just let me know

Carol said...

Cool! Your title is so funny today. ~snort~ Your knitting bag is very nice though:)