Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stella Sez..

stella and fuzzy hat
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Let's make fuzzy hats for sick kids!

Stella was a sick little kitten once, so she knows how hard it is to be a sick kid. She also has a fuzzy head. That's why she was very excited to hear about Kate's wonderful idea: make fun fur or some other type of fuzzy hat for kids at the Boston Children's Hospital.

Stella sends out a big meow to Carol (or should she call you Aunt Carol?) for alerting us to this wonderful idea, and to our knitting buddy Jodie for offering to send off any Eugene knitter's completed hats.

I went through the stash (and OH MY this will do wonderful things for my knit from stash project) and I have enough for 4 or 5 hats. They need to be completed by the end of February. I'm going to take a bunch of stuff up to Seattle next weekend and get some done there too.

I have more stuff to show you, but I'll wait til tomorrow. Stella says so.

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Carol said...

Awwww-Stella is such a "Pritty Kitty". I'd love it if she called me aunt Carol! Funny, cause my favorite aunt is yes...Stella. You'd never know it to look at her that she ever had health problems, but momma takes good care of her;) I'm up to earballs in Fun Fur!