Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bad Photo, Good Sweater

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The sun won't let me use a flash on this photo, so you can't really see all its gorgeous lemon yellowness. And it isn't blocked. And I haven't woven in ends. But still. Lookey, a finished sweater!

In my quest to use up my cotton-ease stash, I made the "Wicked" sweater. You can buy the pattern online: here and I highly recommend these patterns: I made another top down one and this one and the patterns are very clear and easy to knit from. Wicked can be long sleeved with a kangaroo pocket if you wish...and the pattern is written for both worsted and lace weights. Very cool.

So while yesterday I had a scary moment with lots of things on the needles today I feel a bit more in control. Two pairs of socks and a moebius cowl in my handspun. If I can get gauge.....oh, the knitter's worst fear, if I CAN"T get gauge...I digress...if I can get gauge I'll start on Tempting. Stay tuned.


Carol said...

Fabulous! Don't you just love a pattern written for multiple weights of yarn? Your Wicked is REALLY nice!

Alyssa said...

Wicked looks great! I think I'm going to use cotton-ease too. :)

Anonymous said...

Wicked is wickedly awesome! A great use of your Cotton Ease stash.

I personally steer clear of kangaroo pockets because they accentuate the tummy pooch and that is bad, bad, bad.