Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Do Not Mess with Me

stella awak
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Hello blog readers.

My name is Stella.

Some people are just too tired to blog today, as they have been spending time with The Young Man, a visitor to my my home. He invaded my personal space and I spent much time Staring at Him. He is known as my 'cousin' or the 'nephew' of my parents, but I can't really believe that. First of all, he is not covered in black hair, and second, he is not insane. So how can we be related?

The Source of All Wet Food will return tomorrow with knitting content. Until then, as The Young Man has left and I have no one else to stare at, I shall stare at you.


Carol said...

Oh Stella, what have they done to you? Auntie Carol still loves you.

Anonymous said...


I've been meaning to come over here and tell you that your Mobeius is beautimous, dearie. And that handspun. Oh man. I've not spun a thing since leaving Washington--can you believe it? Oh, the humanity!

rosy said...

Hi Stella!
I understand just what you mean!
I too have had a young man staying in MY house (along with his 2 sisters) and he shouts when he sees me, sits on MY bit of the sofa and even tries to move the kitchen bin in front of the catflap to keep me out because he says he is 'scared' of me!! (which must be rubbish!!)
and i caught his younger sister making her way towards my feeding dish!!
They are nice children but it will be nicer when they have gone!
Best wishes

midgeling said...

LOL! I have a fat black cat named Stella. She is a princess, you know. At least that is what she tells me.