Sunday, February 18, 2007

Does Handspun Count as Stash?

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You may have noticed an uptick in the 'balls from stash' count on the right hand column. That's because I made an executive decision that handspun that has been hanging around (literally) on hangers in closets that is now wove into balls and prepared to be part of a new project is offficially stash, and can be counted in the tally.

I have almost 540 grams of handspun in the colors shown on the left (four colors, plus one more on the wheel right now). The plan is to do a linen stitch rectangular shawl knit 'long way', cast on 265 stitches. I'll alternate every row and leave a long tail for fringe. It may only take about 20 or so rows (we'll see, I forgot to measure the gauge swatch for that, oops).

I also started a pair of STR socks in a beautiful mediumweight colorway called 'Terra Firma" and also "Tempting" in Cotton-ease. Not surprisingly, none of these projects are anywhere near photography-ready.


Carol said...

Of course handspun counts! Should be double since you made it yourself;) Love the way I spend your money? Looking forward to your knits!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I'm Mary Gavan and a friend of mine just found your blog dated 7-17-2006 regarding my handpainted yarns that sell at the Red Rock Knit shop in Sedona, Az..

You can contact me if you like at:

Anonymous said...

I don't think hanspun counts as stash; handspun is Art -- especially when it's so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Handspun never counts as stash. Handspun is love in a twist and so much more precious.