Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Me!

two more fuzzies
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Today is my knitting anniversary. Three years ago, on Super Bowl Sunday, I sat down in front of our TV with a Lion Brand "Learn to Knit" kit and made a hole-y scarf out of Homespun. I was hooked (or needled, as the case may be). So every Super Bowl Sunday I celebrate my knitiversary by starting a new project during the big game. This year, I think it will be 'wicked' in (of course) cotton ease. Stay tuned.

Speaking of cotton ease, I dove into stash to make these two hats for Kate's Boston Children's Hospital hat drive. The one on the left is blue cotton ease with cp fizz, the one on the right is one of the candy pinks cotton ease with cp fizz. So that's four hats for them total, now, my goal, and I'll give these to Jodie to send off when I see her this week for coffee and knitting.

navajo ply
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I mentioned earlier that one of the highlights of Madrona was learning how to Navajo ply. Here's a picture of the same fiber spun two different ways: on the right is a two ply (two singles on two bobbins plied together) and on the left is a navajo ply (one single on one bobbin, plied into a three ply yarn). I'd describe the technique but it wouldn't make any sense (no surprise there), so go here if you want to learn more about it. What I didn't mention was that I found a kindred spinning soul who was also enchanted and enamored by the navajo ply (hey Kim! You rock at the navajo ply). She's got a good navajo ply picture on her blog. Plus she's a hoot.

Go COLTS! I used to live in Chicago so I'll always love da bears, but I really want my former school mate Peyton (we were at UT at the same time!!!) to win the big one.


Alyssa said...

Happy Knitting Anniversary! What a neat tradition. :) You've done so much for only having knit 3 years.

Looking forward to seeing your Wicked. Of course, since we always seem to knit the same things, I was just trying to pick out a yarn for one too. Are you doing the long or short sleeve? Pocket or no pocket? I can't decide...I'm think short sleeve since there's a very good chance we will be moving to Oregon this summer. No more Chicago winter!

Carol said...

Happy kntting anniversary! Love the yarn you made! Wish I could fondle it ;) Amazing, I belong to large knitting group, but we have no spinners. Your hats are really nice! That Fizz works up into real softness, made me think about keeping novelty yarns around, there always (sadly) seems to be a need for chemo caps.

Anonymous said...

Happy Knit-a-versary!!! The hats are great.

I rooted for da Bears because I will always love the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Carol said...

Awww, Thank you Kim! I happen to think you're pretty amazing too. I can not believe I'm lucky enough to have met such awesome people!

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh, your Navajo plying is beautiful. Love the colorway, too. Puurrrrrr.

You've only been knitting for 3 years? And already you're on to spinning? Or were you spinning before you started to knit? Wow girl, soon we'll be getting together to knock off convenience stores to feed our habit...