Sunday, February 25, 2007

Random Sunday

terra firma 1
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1. I finished the first 'terra firma' sock...if the sun finally comes out here in Eugene I'll take a picture of this in natural light so you can see all the vibrant browns and earth tones in this sock. It's medium weight, so it knits up fast and that's nice. They feel great.

2. Speaking of socks, I joined the Redbird knits sock club. It seems like those sock kits help build new skills (not that making a 2x2 rib sock for every darn sock is wrong, but you know). Anyway. The first kit I'll get is a two-color fair isle with a solid and a multi colored. It should be fun.

3. Litle rant to the right on "The Knitting Circle". If you liked this book and I've offended you, my apolgies. But honestly.

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4. As I mentioned earlier, we got 'new' furniture for our office (furniture belonging to Tim's old job, but whatever). We also decided to re-do the closet in the office so it doesn't become the 'dump-everything-you-don't-know-what-to-do-with-in-here" closet. Part of the renovation is making some dedicated stash space. So we bought three big tubs for yarn yesterday: one tub for felitng yarn, one tub for 'enough yarn to make a sweater' yarns, and one tub for single skeins. The sock yarn, as you might imagine, has its own special stash places.

Jessie cat
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5. Our new office allows a large square of space at the end of my desk for our cat Jessiecat to hang out and survey the front lawn (her favorite thing to do). I'll make her a kitty pi bed eventually but for now she lives on a shawl I bought at the Bronte homestead in Yorkshire (seriously) in the mid-80s. Anyway, she loves this fact, she no longer sleeps on our bed because she prefers this spot.

6. We watched "The Prestige" last night. Great, great movie. And a good book too (thanks Alyssa).

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7. And in the "into everyone's life a little rain must fall"'s a picture of our roof. Yesterday mid-afternoon, I was settling down in the living room for a little read and knit and heard...uh oh...a bit of dripping in the room. We've been having a lot of rain yesterday, so we weren't surprised that one of our skylights started leaking and dripping through the attic into the window frame.

This discover was followed by the hoisting of bricks onto the roof to hold down first one tarp, and then a second tarp that I dashed out to buy. Tim did most of the brick laying while I did a good share of foisting. In the rain. And it's cold too. But the good news is that the dripping has stopped, and Tim's visit into the Attic showed that there's not really any structural damage.

8. Spring has to be coming, doesn't it?


Carol said...

You sure had a productive weekend! The Terra Firma is really nice! Jessie is such a cutie pie Awwww
Did you get some heat for writing an honest opinion? Too bad, I for one, am not a big fan of knitting from the pits of fire. It's what saves me from them when they do happen. I think I'd like a nice comedy of a knitting group that meets weekly or something;)

Alyssa said...

Bummer about the roof, but the sock sure looks good. :) I had a feeling that knitting book was going to be like that. Thanks for the warning!

Anonymous said...

Roof troubles are the worst. I freaked when we found leaks in the house here during the rainy season.

Thank goodness it doesn't sound too serious.

rosy said...

oh dear about the rain! - glad it's not too serious though!
i keep meaning to write and say how much i love your moebius scarf. after we had all read and enjoyed 'the crow road' by iain banks, i made a moebius scarf (but only out of a bought fabric one) for rich (who was not then my s-i-l!!) when he went off to uni in 1997! am now inspired to knit one! LOVE the yarn you have used!!
best wishes
rosy in england

Carol said...

Hee hee-Funny thing, we weren't even going to watch the Oscars, I was thinking it was worth it for the M&M site but sure was glad Marty won! My first Koigu, I touched it, it went straight to the counter. I couldn't just leave it there! There will be more!

Anonymous said...

Last week I watched "The Illusionist" first. He said if I liked that one, I'd love "The Prestige". Watched it and yes loved it too.

Anonymous said...

(oops I got interupted while leaving the above comment. It should have mentioned that my son suggessted The Prestige)