Thursday, February 08, 2007

Who Says Yarn Doesn't Grow on Trees?

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So I have had a very fibery day, such a nice treat. I had breakfast with Jodie and caught up with her, also handed off my hats for Kate and the goodies that I procured for her at Madrona. Then came home and spent some time spinning...and even went that final step and soaked the spun yarn and hung it outside to dry.

From left to right: 'winter storm" (more on this below, the purple navajo plied yarn you saw a few posts back,some blue navajo plied, and the purple two ply also from a few posts back. The blue is...hmm...there's a spinning word for it...energized? I think that's it. It's very twisty. Very. But I like it. I think I'll do some type of shawl with my blue and purple handspun. I have oodles.

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Anyway, winter storm...I bought a 'sampler pack' from a woman named Ruth who runs a small company called the Dizzy Ewe. The sampler pack came with five one ounce samples of five colors of grey ranging from dark to light. Two were merino, one was merino/tencel, and the other two were merino/silk. I spun up about half of it, spinning maybe a dozen yards of a single and then changing to the next darker color then back again. It looks cool (I'll take another pic when it's dry to show you). I will make a moebius that should look incredible. Very excited.

(Note to self: when spinning the rest, start wtih the SECOND lightest color).

All in all, a good day. I did a lot of work yesterday, and realized today that I have only a few short weeks left of my sabbatical. We have the first draft of our word of mouth book done and it's being considered by a publisher, so I feel that I've accomplished a bit.

Next post: knitting news, including some socks and my frustrations with blocking Sea Silk (if you have blocked this fiber, please let me know how you did it).


Stephanie said...

Wouldn't that be awesome if yarn did grow on trees? Now I will be day dreaming....

Congrats on your book!

Wendy DG said...

That shot is suitable for framing. I love it.

Anonymous said...

What fun photos!

What did you think of spinning the merino/tencel?