Thursday, March 15, 2007


I've been working on the 'Tina' top for a few days, and was surprised last night when I was ready for the cabled yoke on the back piece.

Imagine my surprised that I discovered I HAD NOT CAST ON ENOUGH STITCHES! I was 13 stitches short...which is about 3 inches..which is basically not make up able.

So rip rip rip and cast on again. I thought it had gone too quickly!

And. If that isn't enough. I had to rip out half of the leg of a koigu sock I was working on for Tim. I have bad knitting karma for the past few days.


Alyssa said...

That's a bummer!

Anonymous said...

I think coffee will cure the knitting blues! We should get together.

Carol said...

Doh! Sure sounds like something I'd do. It'll come back. Love the socks, they came out great!

Carol said...

Thanks for the comment! I was a little under the weather this week. And way over worked too;)

Mamateja said...

Sorry to hear that someone else has been practicing frogging....I thought it was just because of the snowy weather we had here in Iowa earlier in the month.....happy re-knitting!