Friday, March 23, 2007


handspun shawl
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I have four projects on the needles, and am off on a quick trip to LA where I'll take a fifth one (socks on bamboo needles, which have always been screener-friendly). (Flame Wave socks from the new IK book, btw). So nothing is really growing at the rate I'd like, and that will slow down. Once I finish the Tina top, it will be only socks and this shawl until August (I know, I know, what about my goal to use up my cotton ease stash on tanks? I'll probably throw a tank in there, maybe in June).

So. This shawl. It is made of all my handspun (really) (except for some that is supposed to be a sweater for Tim, not sure if this will ever happen). The foot (mine) is there for reference. Anyway, I'm knitting it 'long ways' which means that 1. there are something like 265 stitches on the needles and 2. it takes me about 20 minutes to knit a row if I don't mess up. I thought I might be able to knit this in 20 rows or so but I think I've done about 25 rows and it is barely a scarf wide. So I keep going. It's done in linen stitch (which I really like) and it seems to be working out well. My goal is to have it done to submit to the Lane County Fair in August. Stay tuned.

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More growing: grow a blanket with us. My friend Jodie is organizing a very fun project: sort of a travelling charity blanket with yarn swap/gifties included. It's a great cause that means a lot to Jodie, and so means a lot to those of us who call Jodie our friend. Visit her Charity Blanket Swap blog to learn more and to sign up.

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And last but not least...the growing continues. Sweet William on the left hand side, Hollyhocks on the right. I'm not sure how I got so many seeds into that one little cubby for the Sweet Williams, so that will probably end in early demises for some of the seeds. But the hollyhocks seem pretty much like they should be. Hopefully the growing will continue.

What are you growing lately?


Anonymous said...

I got more seeds yesterday! Veggie seeds and herb seeds. Thanks for signing up and posting the button!

Alyssa said...

I really don't grow so much as provide hospice care to most of my plants. Maybe once we move out west I'll get into the growing scene.

Have fun in LA!

Carol said...

The shawl is really pretty. I have only 2 things growing. Some marigold seeds tossed in a pot are coming along and a garlic bulb I threw in some soil cause it started to sprout actually went wild on me! I may have my own bulbs by summer;)

Sheila E said...

Hi Kim....can't believe that it's already time for Spring planting...and for you to spring back into work!!
Your shawl is coming along nicely and the socks are beautiful and look comfy! I also love the pictures of your new plants springing up.
We also have been working in the garden...the burn pile is gone and we have three new flower areas in the works...makes life worth living.
I hope that all goes well with going back to work!! I will be thinking good thoughts in your direction.
I wish we could have gotten together before now...maybe at Black Sheep in June? ;)