Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Insert Sad Face Here

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Two weeks from now I'll be back at work. I loved having a sabbatical. I think we should all have sabbaticals all the time.

Please, oh God of the Lottery, please let us win soon.

Anyway, here is the back of what was considered the cursed Tina top but actually worked up fairly fast for DK weight yarn. It looks good. I like this.

Originally uploaded by kbshee.
And in the sprouchwatch: yes, my friends, we have sprouts. Who says I have a black thumb??

I'm already back in the teaching/research/service swing and quickly see my knitting time going buh-bye. Oh well.


Kim said...

I heartily agree. Sabbatical should be at least once a year, maybe twice. ;)

How do you blog more than one flickr photo in a single blog entry?

Kim said...

Thanks for responding on my blog. I was hoping there was a secret easier way than copying into new posts. Oh well, someday the software will get easier. Just after we learn how to work the old....