Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Play

play #1
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I'm a bit concerned...I think I have either Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Repetitive Stress Whatever. I think it comes on when I spend too much time on the computer (it's the trackpad, not the typing, that gets me) and it really kills me when I'm knitting, especially on size 5's. It sounds silly, but smaller than that is ok, and larger than that is ok too. At least I can knit a bit longer before I have to stop.

These socks...the "Play" socks...were knit on 4s, and the pattern was just made up as I went along. I'll do another sock to sort-of-but-not-really match. This was so fun to do. And I love the yarn. But you knew that.

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Jessie Cat is in charge of Inventory Control for the Sock Yarn Stash. More yarn has joined the group: the first sock yarn for 2007 from STR, some bright happy yarn from Mystical Creations at etsy, and my first kit from the Red Bird Knits sock club for Latvian WEdding socks. Those should be awesome.

birthday boy
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And last but definitely, most definitely not least....yesterday was my sweet Cody Pup's 11th birthday. Even though he is by all accounts an old man, he'll always be my little baby. When we first brought him home, we'd proportion out his life relative to his arrival at our house..."we've had Cody for 1/7 of his life, we've had Cody for 1/2 of his life" etc. Now we've had Cody for 98.77% of his life, and he's still every bit the puppy we brought home. And we wouldn't have it any other way. We love you little guy.


Knitopia said...

Submit Cody to the Old Dogs Book!

Hope your injury improves.

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Cody! Your mom is definitely all about the socks! And really nice ones too! love the Play, the heels are really awesome!

Alyssa said...

Birthday wishes to Cody! He doesn't look a day over 9. :)

I'm the same way with mouse vs. keyboard as well as needle size. When I'm on size 5's I make sure I take a break every half hour or so otherwise I get that weird feeling in my lower arm.

Anonymous said...

You're a good boy Cody!!! Happy Birthday. We're sending kisses and ear scretches.
Rufus, Rosemary and Rufus