Sunday, March 18, 2007

Not Much to See, but I'll Show You Anyway

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We have had several beautiful spring days, and I've been in the garden getting that into a bit of shape for the season. The tulips are a nice spot of sun away from coming up, and there's a lot of Unidentified Green Shoots coming up in the will be interesting to see just what those are. We've always had a, um, haphazard relationship to the garden: throw stuff in and see what happens. But last summer, we tried something new. It's called watering, and giving that Oregon summers are very dry, it seems to have done a lot to encourage the naturalizing process.

Who knew?

Well, probalby you did, if you know anything at all about gardening. But you can see what a total Horticultural Loser I am.

THis sock is for Tim, and it is the sock that lives by my computer, so I only work on it during slow downloads (which gives me a bit of time every day). It's koigu. It's pretty in a macho kind of way, and I'm doing a mindless 2/2 rib for he leg and then a basic rest of sock.

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To celebrate spring, we put the top down on the Miata and cruised 45 miles up I-5 to the little town of Albany. Not much to Albany, except 1) it has a Del Taco and 2) we can drive home through small towns and farms and backroads (well, I guess we could drive up that way too, although we tend to be in a hurry to get to Del Taco). For the first time, I knit in the convertible with the top down, quite an experience.

SPROUT WATCH! SPROUT WATCH! Yep, nothing is happening. Stay tuned.

I worked on the cursed Tina top, which is actually moving along nicely, now that I can count.

So the first half of the weekend was good. It is drizzly today, so we'll setle down and watch the Ducks in Round 2 of the NCAA basketball tournament. Go Ducks!

PS. If you feed your dogs and cats wet food, please check this website for a list of recalled foods. This is a huge list, tons of store brands as well as certain high end foods like Hills and Iams (not all products, just a few).

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Alyssa said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for all your kind words about Kilby. It means a lot to us.

Love the socks! That is a really unique color of Koigu.

I'm a similar type of gardener. I love blooming things, but I just usually dump some seeds and see what happens. :)

Thankfully our kitty food is not on that list. I feel so bad for the people who have lost their pets because of it. So sad.