Sunday, March 04, 2007


fair isle 1
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A few days ago I showed you the haul of Elann Esprit (aka faux fixation) that had arrived. I've been playing around with fair isle designs for socks for a few days, but on Friday I just sat down and started playing with designs and patterns on the yarn.

This is upside down by the way...the two-tone blue at the top is the heel of the sock, and the rest is the cuff. Anyway, it's two colors of pink and three colors of blue. I used a chart that I found online for the clover motif at the top, and for the rest have just been experimenting...knitting a few rows, deciding if I liked how it looked, and then either ripping it out or moving to the next area.

This is really fun. I've only done a few fair isle things and socks are great to learn on: knit too tight, see stitches disappear, rip and try again.

Yes, lots of ripping going on with this sock. And that's OK.

I will do a matching sock with different motifs, just to continue to enjoy playing.

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I was asked to post a picture of Louise, my lop eared rabbit, who rarely appears on the blog. She's definitely the most quiet animal in the house, and the most low maintenance. We've had her almost 7 years...she was a Christmas present from Tim, and was originally destined to be named Scarlett O'Hare but she came home and was such a Louise that the name stayed.

Louise came home before I started knitting, so to answer those inevitable questions, no, I don't knit her fur. I could probably spin it but it would have to be mixed with something else and it has a very short staple. It is incredibly soft though. And lots of it.

Louise is now a Senior Citizen Bun Bun, and is content to spend all of her time in her house in the living room. She will occasionally come out to run around but really prefers the quiet life.

So that's Louise.


Knitopia said...

Such a cutie! Can't wait to see the sock on the foot.

Carol said...

Aww Louise! She's darling!!! Maybe she can play on your blog once in while? I like the new sock too!

Anonymous said...

Jeez Louise - you're cute! I've always wanted rabbits (and almost every other animal under the sun) but my Chow Beatrice chases rabbits and rodents when we walk in the bush ... wonder how she'd react to one as a member of the family?