Friday, March 09, 2007

Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part 3

And if you get that reference you are as old and as cool as me (snort).

Anyway, I've been in a MOOD all week. Cross. Grouchy. OCD. You name it. Tim is a good guy for putting up with it.

Not sure what brought this one...change in a weather (hints, teases of spring), bored with knitting, don't want to go back to work post sabbatical, and a few professional disappointments I won't go into here. So, to get myself out of the mood, I thought I'd try to establish my reasons to be cheerful.

So here goes.

1. The new skylights are in, it is raining, and there are no leaks.
2. I walked into our bedroom, and both cats were curled up adorabl with each other.
3. When the sun is out, the trees are blooming so beautifully.
4. Daffodils and grape hyacinths are starting to appear in my garden.
5. Finches! Finches! Finches! (Note to self, fill feeder).
6. The guys who installed the skylights found many, many hornets nests, and so hopefully we won't have a hornet-happy backyard this summer.

I'm feeling better all ready. Do you have reasons to be cheerful?

Edited to add: I just looked at the January One blog, which has the same post title as mine. I swear I didn't copy her! All I can say is 'great minds'.


Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Hi Kim, it's Lisa the hexagon girl. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. The pattern actually starts with c/o 79 stitches and then decreases with k2t AND PSSO at equal increments. When I find out whether I can post it I will let you know. I'm a little afraid of the copyright police.
BTW is it wrong for me to be in love with your dogs without actually meeting them? Sounds like a corny online dating line.

Anonymous said...

Note to self too, fill feeders. I saw Mr Goldfinch today at the finch feeder. He is starting to show his summer gold!

Anonymous said...

I think we all get bouts of the funk. I think the longer cold winter may be taking its toll.

I feel ya. I too have been in a major funk which explains why I have been MIA on my blog. Hang in there kiddo!