Thursday, March 22, 2007


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I'm very happy.

Both trays of seeds are springing to life (pun intended). Look in the back row there...three count 'em three sunflowers (oh, are there four?) doing salut to the sun. In the middle row, some daisies are joining in. And in the other tray, the Sweet William and Hollyhocks are battling it out for who can sprout the most.

I'm very happy. But I said that.

For some reason, I'm noticing spring more this year than I usually do. Maybe it is the lack of rain, maybe it is our daily walks with the pups where we can chart the greening up of our neighborhood, maybe it is my own internal clock that is counting down to the Return to Work. But although I am struggling with the change in my routine, I'm appreciating spring. So with the bad comes the good.

And yes, there is knitting going on here...I'll show you some stuff tomorrow.


Carol said...

It's looking mighty green out your window! Sorry you have to go back to work. We just got some much needed rain. We just went on water restrictions; very early in the year for that.

Stephanie said...

Awww - I love the little sproutlings. I hope we get updates as they bloom too.