Friday, March 30, 2007

Wave those flames

flame wave top
Originally uploaded by kbshee.
Or flame those waves.

I finished the first 'flame wave' sock (try saying 'flame wave' three times fast. Go on, I'll wait).

This is from the IK "Favorite Socks" book (which I love) and were designed by Ann Budd (sock designer extraordinaire). The yarn is Elann Esprit, and I used probably 2/3 of the ball on the sock (only did two repeats for the leg, and the pattern calls for three, but you know me, instant gratification is important). I like the sort of pale pastel moss green color of the socks, and I love this yarn. I'm very pleased with how this turned out. I also had a kitchener epiphany when using this yarn (pull really, really tight) so even the toes look good now!

flame wave side
Originally uploaded by kbshee.
Here is the sock from the side (oops, I cut my toes off...ouch!). The pattern is very subtle and I like that a lot, given my new desire to make more textured socks and less stripey socks.

If you have a second, would you please bop over to Tim's new web site ? He's starting to market his ceramics and has started his website as an adjunct to the information he's mailing out to galleries. Hopefully he'll have some interest soon! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Lovely socks!
Punkin in Oregon

Carol said...

Love those socks! Still giggling about the toe thing (ouch) LOL
I'm checking the site now!

Kim said...

Cool jellyfish. I hope his new enterprise is a smashing (oops, not so much with the smashing) success!

Anonymous said...

Love the pattern. Those socks are adorable. So lacy and girlie. Are they comfortable, too?

Carol said...

Thanks Kim! I'm ready for whatever happens. The KAL is fun and even I can do that in a night or two;)

Carol said...

A birthday coming? WooHoo!