Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blurry Blue Bobbly Bag

blue #4
Originally uploaded by kbshee.
In retrospect, I would have been fine with one fewer row of bobbles on this bag.

But isn't that what the journey is all about?

Anyway, here tis. The bobbles were all made with beer bottle caps, so there is some consistency in how it looks. It ended up being a good shape, and I'm pleased with it. Not sure what I'll do with it but pleased anyway.

I'm off to Burlington, Vermont (brr) til the end of the week!


Anonymous said...

Cute. I ahave been wanting a shibori scarf for myself but have yet to see the "right" yarn. PErhaps someday.

Your bag is ADORABLE!

Carol said...

That's really nice! There are knitters in Vermont! Hope it's a pleasant trip! A friend of mine always knits her own knitting bags. Some are HUGE, but they're all gorgeous!