Sunday, April 01, 2007

Control: It is All an Illusion

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I return to work tomorrow, and have been thinking a lot about control...having it, losing it, finding it, being OK without it. I'm a bit (gross understatement of the year) of a control freak, I guess one would say, and having been in pretty much complete control of my life for the past 45 weeks is going to be hard to give up. Hence, the ruminations on control.

My WIPs were a bit out of control, but finishing the Tina top and then these socks (from the IK Favorite Sock book) puts me in a bit more control on that front. These were made with Sundara's yarn, and I could have used a few more stitches...they're pretty snug. Maybe some blocking would help?

Another control thing...the refrigerator started 'acting up' on Friday...and a call to a repair guy listed in the yellow pages as 'low cost' and 'available same day' resulted in Scott the Appliance Guy coming over at 10 pm Friday night and telling us we need a new relay. It should be put to the rights by Tuesday or Wednesday. Tim, bless his heart, cleaned out the refrigerator and got salvageable things in coolers. We don't miss the fridge that much, but I am startled every time I look into the kitchen and think "who left the fridge doors open"?


Minh said...

I hope you survived your first day after the sabbatical. In any case, I'm sure a little chocolate will help with the control thing :)

Carol said...

45 Weeks off? Oh the possibilities! But right now I should be careful what I wish for;) Love a pair of nice blue socks. When is the next time off?