Wednesday, April 25, 2007

FO and Contest Sneak Peak

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I finally finished off the Flame Wave socks from the new IK book. THese used Elann Esprit which is the Poor Knitters Cascade Fixation. I like these socks a lot, particularly because they knit up fast with EE and the pattern was complex enough to move beyond 'mindless knititng' but easy enough to do during, say, The Sopranos.

Hey! Check out my 'used from stash' total!

Finally, I wanted to let you know that I'm going to have a blog contest. Rules will be posted Friday, contest ends Monday! The Prize will be a skein of Socks That Rock in the Smokey Topaz colorway. It's my little way of saying thanks for visiting my blog!

And yes, I have replaced the period key with the exclamation mark key.


Anonymous said...

Great socks! The poor man's Fixation. Ha ha ha ha!!!!

I don't know if you ever saw my post about the developing world's Fixation, Fixaco.

I think it is all the same yarn.

Minh said...

You're a sock making machine!!

"Smokey topaz" is one of the STR colorways that I've been hunting down... so I'll be back for your contest :)

Ling said...

Lovely socks!

Can't believe your stash tally. Wish I was more succesful like you.

Carol said...

Love those socks! So, do you knit in your sleep these days, or do you not sleep? ;) You're doing an excellent job of knitting from your stash! Do you really still have the Easter candy? I haven't seen the chocolates change :)

Anonymous said...

I love there socks! Fabulous.