Monday, April 23, 2007

Gotta Love a Guy Who Loves His Socks

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I finished these koigu socks for Tim over the weekend. There were my 'download' socks (ie I worked on them when the computer took its sweet time to access something). I've also been toting them on the bus to work for the 5 minute ride to campus. But long enough is long enough, and now they're done. They were a basic sock pattern, done with a really pretty colorway of koigu. I do love me the koigu.
We had a rainy Saturday (good knittin') and a pretty nice day yesterday...nice enough to get the dogs out for a pretty good walk. I worked on these socks, as well as on a new tank (yes, I'm still trying to use up all that cotton ease) and those light green socks that I've been working on for a while (and they're almost done). I feel like I got a good bit of knitting time which I really need these days, as school is a bit on the hectic side (but all GOOD! All GOOD! She said, workin' the positive energy thang).

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And so of course I need a new 'download' sock, and didn't want to start on something with teeny tiny needles (which honestly, I have lots of in the to do list). So I wound up this yarn that I got in Alaska last's from Rabbit Run farm in Anchorage, the colorway is Jacob's coat, andit's very soft and dk weight. I'm doing these on a size 3, toe up, since I worry that I won't get the socks even. IT's 98 grams, so I'llknit on the first sock til 49 grams are left in the cake and then start #2. I'm using the toe up pattern from "More Sensational Knitted Socks" since I haven't found a toe up sock that I like the looks of.

This yarn is so pretty, isn't it?


Sheila E said...

I agree...a man who loves you and loves the socks you knit for him...with a Big smile on his a treasure indeed!
Michael loves the socks I knit him too!
Good thing 'cause,
I love knitting socks!!

Carol said...

OK, I think I fell way behind here. That's the face of one happy man! You did good!