Friday, April 06, 2007

I Call This the "Download" sock

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'cuz I work on it when I'm at my desk and things are downloading.

And now, on the five minute bus ride into work (blessing 1: living within a 5 minute bus ride to my job). I can get about two rounds done during that time...three if the bus arrives early and hangs out at the bus stop for a minute after dropping off the hoodlums and the local School for Hoodlums.

A week is over (blessing 2: 10% of the spring term is over) and I made it through keeping my Happy Zen mindframe (after much reminding of myself). This after one student told me that having readings on reserve "would not work now or for the rest of class" and another student said "and HOW do you know anything about the advertising industry" to me (after I talked about my 12+ years experience in the industry). On the plus side, though, I've met a lot of really terrific new students who are energetic and creative and fun (blessing 3: remember these kids when the first set of kids loom). I've said 'no' to some people (blessing 4: finding the voice to say 'no'.). Life is short. Life is what we make it. Mine's good. And I'm keeping it that way.

And hey, I finished the shawl...but I'm wearing an orange-red top today and it doesn't look good with it, but a pic this weekend I promise.


Carol said...

Wow, at work,I just deal with helpless grownups that get paid much more than me ;) Stick to the good life philosophy! The sock is great and I can't wait to see the shawl! Yay Friday! I'll burn for this, but I always say EVERY Friday is a good Friday.

Anonymous said...

Great perspective! Hang in there you can stay zen. I just know it.

And a 5 minute bus ride is TOTALLY awesome! I am learning to ride the bus out here and loving it! It is how I get to the gym. But boy do I feel sorry for the poor suicker next to sweaty ol' me on the ride home.