Sunday, April 08, 2007

Nothing Says 'Easter' Like Shibori Felting

blue #1
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Happy Easter! Although it seems a bit, um, Christmas like in much of the. US.

I knew we would have a pretty laid back Easter, with little on the agenda after enoying our new chocolate stash and making vegetarian eggs benedict (portobello mushrooms instead of Canadian bacon). I also wanted a 'quick' project after so many socks and the shawl (which I will show you soon). So I quickly (seriously, 4 hours) knit up this bag using double Brown Sheep worsted; I cast on 17 stitches, knit for about 12 inches, then picked up stitches all the way around and knit til I ran out of the sapphire blue.

blue #2
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On a few of the rows, I increased the number of stitches by 1/4 to accomodate the magic of shibori, to wit: place little objects in the knitted fabric (from the back) and rubber band it onto the purse. I wanted to try to make the bag in a way that the shibori didn't make it look too uneven.
(There's an article in the Winter 2006 Knitty so check there if you want to know more about shibori).

Anyway. On this piece I used bottle caps placed in a somewhat strategic way, although with felting who knows what will happen.

red #1
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So I had some black mohair in the stash and picked up stitches around the top to make a handle. On this one, I just wanted to do a little free form shibori. In addition to tying objects into the fabric, you can also make little knots in the fabric that will come out as bobbles on on the fabric. The shape of this bag will end up being a bit odd, but it will probably make a nice tote for a bottle of wine or a caddy for straight needles (definitely liking that last idea).

red #2
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Here's the red bag once I got all the knots tied in. TIm thinks it looks like knitting covered in tumors. However, once it is felted it will all probably look pretty cool. Here is the pattern for the wine tote/needle caddy: cast on 70 stitches with red mohair, join in the round, knit for three feet, bind off. Pick up 70 stitches with black mohair, knit four rounds, on next round bind off ten, knit 25, bind off ten, knit 25, on next row cast on ten, knit 25, cast on 10, knit 25 and then knit five more rows. Bind off. Place shibori pieces in and felt!


Anonymous said...

Oh that looks so fun!!

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested to see your results! Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Very cool looking - I'm interested in the end result too! I'd not seen that knitty article, either, so thanks for the link.

Carol said...

Can't wait to see these felted! You did a great job! It's FO city here!

Mary said...

Looking forward to the finished products! I think that both bags are going to look amazing.