Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Power of Positive Energy

At the risk of sounding all zenned out, I made an agreement with myself to be more positive when I went back to work. To not let the typical student stuff get to me like it did last time. To be the professor that people chose to attend the class, not to be the professor who could only get people to come to class based on threats and punishments.

And to say 'no' to things that waste my time or annoy me.

So far (after two days) it is working. Working well, as a matter of fact. WHen I feel something start to bother me, I've stopped myself and thought "do you want to create negative energy over this, or do you want to keep the positive energy flowing?" And I've gone with the postive energy every time. And it is good!

Let's see if I can keep it up!!!


Anonymous said...

I use that a lot. And it does work! In fact, I'm glad you posted about that because it reminds me to keep it up!

Carol said...

Yeah! What Lori said!

Anonymous said...

I am trying the ol "choose to be happy" rooute myself. I am seriously homesick for the US and it is getitng to me something awful.

Also, for your class might I suggest opening with a joke?

In college (I was a humanities major), my prof started a class during our Roman Studies with this gem;

"Today we have something rare; video footage that has survived from Roman times." He then proceeded to play a scene from Brian's Life.

The best part was the idiot behind me who said prior to see it, "wow! That is amazing that they found it."

Ah a real classic.

Kim said...

Keep up the positive energy! I'm hoping my DH (on sabbatical until fall) will also keep that philosophy. He's newly tenured, which helps.