Friday, April 13, 2007

Shawl we dance?

Originally uploaded by kbshee.
I'm blogging this today from snowy Burlington Vermont. I arrived Wednesday to 40 degree weather, it started snowing at about 8 am yesterday and hasn't really stopped since we've got here. No biggie, since I haven't stepped outside of the hotel since I stepped foot on Vermont soil. I might have to just walk outside to see what it is like. The conf. is going well, I've been incredibly busy but it is all worth it to see the fruits of the labor of the all of us who have worked on the conference.

Here's a picture of the shawl that I did with handspun in linen stitch. I think it turned out well. I call this my 'America's Next Top Model" pose!


Alyssa said...

Great picture! You look fierce. :)

Carol said...

Kim, that's great! You look like a model! Hope you're having a good time and that you find a good yarn store close by! Thanks for the well wishes, everything's gonna be OK!

Anonymous said...

I love the pic. So many of your pics are serious and I think this one shows the Kim I know. Lively, intelligent and one heck of a knitter!

The colors are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shawl! I definitely want to see this one in person. What a great accomplishment, handspun and handknit.

Sheila E said...

You are SO cute!! It's great to see your smiling face!
Your stole is quite beautiful and I second the concept of what an accomplishment! You should be Quite proud of yourself.
I loved the pj party was great and funny! Sometimes it takes an alarm to make things happen.
Glad to know that we will see you at BS this year again. It's always a pleasure ;)