Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When VK says close fitting..

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..I think they mean it.

I finished the back of the red tank from the new's number 3 or 4, the red one, you know. I'm using cotton ease from the stash, and got gauge using a size 4 needle (you cotton ease lovers will probably be gasping a bit at this, as the recommended needle size for c-e is 8). Anyway, it is ribbed (sorry you can't see that) and I got gauge and everything, so I guess it will be a bit close fitting.

The front isn't's stockinette with two cables on the sides, so maybe it won't look so, um, small. But we'll see.

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And it is stretchy.

HEre I am using my feet to stretch the back out. What a freakish people this turned out to be. What is wrong with my big toes?

I've been a bit frantic catching up from the trip, but I feel like things are in a bit better control right now and I can br-ea-the- a bit.

A bit.


Carol said...

Nothing wrong with your big toes, they're just little! I worked the CottonEase with 8s, not too bad. ~snort~Seems an awful lot of folks like smelly yarn. Good luck! I have to re-check this tank, the perfect thing for the coming months to wear!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about those toes. Have tried to see if you can knit with them? Imagine how much more you could knit if you had your hands and feet going?