Saturday, May 26, 2007

Canoe Canal

Say it out loud, please?

Canoe Canal.

Isn't that so much fun to say?

It's even more fun to paddle on. We took our new kayaks out to the Eugene Canoe Canal...a several mile inland waterway that I guess feeds off the Willamette River, in Alton Baker Park. You start by Autzen Stadium and paddle along a bit til you come to a big 'ol Lake (for an inland waterway)...then you paddle across the lake and then end up paddling by the back yards of these gorgeous houses, and then down to a little dam by the highway where you have to turn around and paddle back.

And it's upstream on the way and downstream on the way back. How thoughtful!

i would guess that it is maybe 4 or 5 miles round trip. Not a bad way to test out our new Kestrel kayak, which I paddled and I did very well if I do say for myself. Tim's Tampico handled equally well. We saw lots of birds, ducks and ducklings, and geese and goslings. And dogs. A great way to spend a couple of hours!


Carol said...

Canoe Canal! Canoe Canal! That IS fun to say! Sounds like a great time, hoo ray for downhill, especially on the way back:)

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! When I kayak here its strictly one way. It's too hard to fight the 4 knot current to go back up the Columbia. Your out and back sounds fun! I have 3 different sit on tops.

Anonymous said...

No locks in the canal? I guess I am still mentally in Panama.

Also, I tagged you with my new made up meme. I hope you enjoy it.

Quail Hill Knits said...

What a great idea. It would be so much fun to have a waterway like that near our house.

Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful!

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