Monday, May 07, 2007

Deep Breath!

front of tank
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I've finished my little spate of busy-ness. Last week had two student events that I was in charge of, as well as a visit from a donor who had to be schmoozed. On top of what I thought were allergies was actually a very bad cold which has now settled somewhat in my chest (ugh). As a result, I spent much of SAturday laying (lying?) on the couch in an antihistamine-induced haze. I felt better yesterday but still wanted to do nothing but laze around.

But I have been squeezing in a bit of knitting. I actually finished the tank and now just need to sew it together and finish off the neckline. I bought some more black cotton ease from someone on ebay (six skeins!) so I think I'll make a matching shrug. I've also started the Luceta Lace (lucea lace?) tank from the new IK. Pics soon.

Hope you are well!


Alyssa said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. At least you get some good knitting time. :)

You crack me up with all that cotton ease. I'm going to knit with it soon...

Theresa said...

I do wish that they had continued the old colors of Cotton Ease instead of just adding new ones. More colors is always better.

Carol said...

Love your tank! I know I said I love the color combo too;) Sure hope you feel better fast. {{chicken soup}}