Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Miscellaneous

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I hope you're having a wonderful Memorial Day. Yesterday was cool and drizzly, so much housecleaning and knitting took place. Today it is sunny and promises to be warmer, so we're heading out to the Canoe Canal for another journey in the little boats.

I finished the grasshopper socks, project #2 from this year's STR club (well, the club's second project, this is the first one I've done this year). I made them much shorter since I like a short sock. I'm a bit 'eh' about this pattern, since I'm not a big fan of purling, or lace knitting, but they ended up nice looking if a little poofy in the leg.

Looking at other people's socks, I'm reminded that I must be the loosest knitter on the planet (and put those smutty thoughts away, I KNIT loosely).

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Another thing that got finished last night was the black shrug I made to match the green and black tank. The shurg (the pattern was in In Living Colour) is basically two sleeves with a tiny square in the back. I knit this up in Cotton Ease (of course) and it makes a four-season top. I like it.

Now I"m working on some new projects: the Icy Blue Shell from the July issue of Creative Knitting magazine (which I bought at my grocery store, just to encourage them to stock knitting magazines). Guess what I"m making this out of? Yes, as a matter of fact, I am making it out of cotton-ease. But believe it or not, I think I'm down to single balls that I'm trying to figure out what to make with. A miter square blanket? A sideways striped sweater? Any ideas?

I'm about to begin the Horcrux socks which are part of the Six Sock Knitalong. I'll do the Horcruxes in the Panda Cotton that's in the house.

Also received more sock yarn in the mail...from the Red Bird Knits sock club, some wonderful yarn by Colinette called Jitterbug. The pattern is cute too. I'll probably start on these when I get back...or maybe on something aout of that zen yarn...hmm...can't decide!


Camille said...

Oh dear. I'm addicted to Jitterbug, hope it's contagious! :)

Carol said...

It looks great! Love the idea of a tank with a sweater or shrug to go with it. I'm gonna make the Icy Blue Shell with CE too! Sideways sweater! Or double up the yarn & make a squishy bath mat. But what's up with the no smutty thoughts thing? Of course that's the first thought I had;) At least I got to say Canoe Canal again...