Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh, that Knit from Stash thing?

dusty blue
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I fell off the wagon a bit this weekend.

Well, um, all of last week, as a matter of fact.

I blame it totally and completely on blogs. Blogs that show beautiful sock yarn. That I must have. Or at least try. Even though I think the price of some sock yarns has reached a pretty crazy level, I can't stop myself from getting some more. Just to try it. Honestly.

And then...I went to the LYS (The Knit Shop) to pick up some putty Cotton Fleece so I could make a striped sweater with the rest of the Rue Cotton fleece in the stash. And in the back room was this dusty blue cotton a nice price (Tim asked what does that mean, seconds? I think it will probably have lots of knots in it. C'est la vie).

sock yarn pt 1
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And then I wandered over to her Sock Yarn Shelf. I have heard great things about Panda Cotton yarn from Crystal Palace so I bought two little balls to make a pair of socks for me. And then this pretty pink and grey Trekking XXL just because. No good reason. I certainly don't need anymore sock yarn! But I was there. And there was the yarn. Kind of calling my name. So home it came.

In real knitting news...I finished the sleeves for the shrug that matches the billious green tank, now allI need to do is sew it up. There isn't that much to it, but it is sort of fun and will be nice for those chilly Oregon mornings that turn into warm Oregon afternoons. I cast on for a 'felted balloon bag' as a mindless project. Not sure what will be next on the 'must knit' list!


Carol said...

I hope this works-seems Blogger's having issues today. I was trying to tell you earlier, that at least your toesies are covered with pretty socks;) Your new yarn is nice! And I have to know where you got the patterns for your new tank tops! They look soooo nice!

Carol said...

Yay! It worked!

Anonymous said...

My friend Matilda used those same seconds for a sweater she made! Seconds are just when the dyeing didn't quite turn out the way it usually does. It was just a bad batch of dying.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, sometimes a gal has just got to scratch that new yarn itch!

Kimberly said...

You've picked up some very nice items!