Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Sad STory of the Three Bears, er, Socks

three bears
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As you might recall, I recently knit a pair of socks using the yarn I found at Skeins in Juneau produced at Rabbit Ridge Designs in Alaska. This beautiful colorway (also known as Jacob's Coat) is no longer being dyed by the company (according to their website). The yarn is wool/soy, and isn't superwash, so I knew it would require some tlc during the laundring process.

But one of the socks snuck into the wash the other day, and it felt like the dickens (can a dickens get felted?). As you can see from the middle sock, it is pretty much out of the size range for my size 9s.

I was so disappointed...should I felt the other one down and give it to a child? Make a Christmas decoration? Just weep?

But the good news is..I weighed the amount I have left and even though it looks like a tiny little bit, it should be enough for another sock. Wooh! So the sad story ends happily (well, of course, I do have to knit another sock, but c'est la vie).

And in other news: have you seen this contest at Ali's blog, Skeins Her Way?? I'm a sucker for a blog contest. Are you? I thought so. If you enter, say you found it from me!

My summer goals are:
1. Finish the Great American Aran AFghan
2. The notre dame sweater with the Alpaca sitting under my feet (yarn, not animal).
3. At least six pairs of socks.
4. An aran Christmas tree skirt.
5. Two kitty pi beds.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! How sad... I actually have a sad story about a handspun hat I made that never made it to the blog because I lost it before I could even blog it! Oh well.... It happens.

Alyssa said...

oh no! :(
But, yea! You can knit another sock!

Carol said...

Wow, sounds like something that would happen at my house. My hubby once washed and dried a cashmere sweater I got as a gift from an exclusive shop. I guess felt happens. And I think the dickens can do anything!;) Thanks for the heads-up on the contest!