Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shibori Bag

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I wanted to try a felted bag using know, when you tie in knots and little pieces of stuff to make the fabric of the bag three dimensional? So I found a pattern (the balloon bag felted bag pattern, downloadable pdf available here ) and got out some yarn from Cascade 220 tweed. Black, duh, with lots of little bits of red and yellow and blue to make it more like a carnival than a purse. So I knit it up (changed the pattern to make it a bit broader in the bottom to accomodate the knots, and also added a flap because, well, I like a purse with a flap) and got it all set ot felt.

bag pos
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And the results were, pretty good. The red stuff you see is where I tied some cotton ease around a button hole to keep it from closing up during the felting. My only disappointment was that the little carnival flecks pretty much completely disappeared during the felting. I know have a solid black bag (which is fine) that has microscopic little bits of color in it. Live and learn I guess. Cascade 220 Tweed + Hot Water=not the fun purse you were hoping for. Anyway. I still think the little knots look like fun and I"ll submit this to our county fair, I'm pretty sure they don't get a lot of shibori there. And I should get props for being innovative.

We're off to my nephew's graduation in Flagstaff tomorrow, so I won't be returning to the blogosphere til Sunday or Monday. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Fun bag!

Have a good trip. :)

Carol said...

Nice! And good luck in the fair1 Have a nice weekend, see you soon.

Beverly said...

Cute bag. Good luck with your fair entry.

Have a good trip and a great reunion!